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This is 1337.MD CTFs Archives. All the challenges ever present at out events can be downloaded here, as well as links how to solve guides, created by our participants.

InfoSec Meetup CTF (M'19)

This is the CTF created specifically for InfoSec Meetup events, which took place on May, 2019.


Chain of Secrets

A TOP SECRET image has been intercepted by our best agents undercover. Please, help us extract information about who's the Mafia Big Boss. File is attached below!

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Broken Matryoshka

Hacker MRX needs your skills. One of his friends was involved in some shady deal. Of course he's innocent pffff. His apartment was raided and all devices confiscated. Except... one drive with this file. But it looks to be corrupted. Help! Help! Help!

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The Flag Within

JavaScript... Robust, flexible and yet so messy sometimes. Flag is inside the attached file. You guessed right, you just have to extract it =))

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Insider Threat

John is suspected to be an insider threat. We think he got access to the super secret formula, used to create our awesome product. However, we don't have any evidence... yet. Use your forensics skills and analyze this HDD dump.

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Hackers Vault

FBI got hold of the new Android application, used by a notorious hackers group. Application contains the password to their C2 server, however we can't crack the hash. Good luck!

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Deep Dive

Everybody loves credit cards, right? Now it's time to find the PIN for one of them and get the FLAG. Dive deeper =))

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