Welcome to 1337.MD

First CTFs Community in Moldova

Our Mission

The main goal of this project is to build a community of like minded professionals, researchers and enthusiasts. Together raise security awareness among people of Moldova and help local IT professionals build more secure services.


Organize CTF challenges for those interested in reverse engineering, red/blue teaming, defence and exploitation.

Raise Awareness

Share knowledge and discuss latest Cyber Security trends, to increase awareness across IT industry.

Create free tools

Build and share tools with the community. The more ideas the better! Let's do it for greater good and karma =))


Improve Cyber Security in Moldova, by responsibly finding and reporting bugs in local IT Products.


Currently there are no planned CTFs, but we are working on one at this moment. Make sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter, or join our group on Telegram, for more updates.

Stay tuned

Follow us to get updates on upcoming CTFs, offlines, talks and much more.

Get involved

For those interested to contribute and support the community, there are several ways to do it. Feel free to contact us about any idea!

CTF Challenges

Interested in becoming challenges author or having an idea of a CTF challenge? Submit it to us and we'll come back to you shortly. Everyone is welcome!

Graphics and Art

Feeling inspired? Contribute with graphics for our future CTFs, projects icons and more!


We encourage everyone to submit presentations on all topics related to Cyber Security and Tech. If you are interested in being a speaker at one of our events, CONTACT US!